No Go Daddy!

How GoDaddy Suspended my Cash Parking Account


Godaddy V Father Dave Round 8

Round 8

There was no round 8.

I had been finished with the two-shot combination that I received in round 7. I couldn't emerge for the next round. The towell went in. GoDaddy's hand was raised in the air, and there were no words of consolation for the battered and bloody opponent.

I had managed to score a couple of points in the stoush though, the most significant of which is that I drew GoDaddy management out so that they unashamedly blamed Google for the loss of my account and funds (though I doubt if Google ever saw the money).

Google had (allegedly) been the ones who had accused me. Google were (allegedly) responsible for the fact that I hadn't been paid. GoDaddy (so it seems) was powerless to protect me from the (other) 'Big G's' corporate might.

The only conclusion one can draw from this is that the relationship between Google and GoDaddy is what would traditionally be termed a master/slave relationship. Google decides what is true. GoDaddy does what it's told, and carries the dirty work, or so it seems.

Personally, I don't buy into this for a second, and I think it's a rather shameless case of corporate buck-passing. If GoDaddy wants to punish me for something I didn't do, they could at least have the guts to take responsibility for their actions, and while they're at it, they could do me the courtesy of not re-billing my Cash Parking account which they keep telling me I have to shut down while making it technically impossible for me to do so!

Well ... my battle is over and I lost. But how many others will need to be battered by this corporate heavyweight before someone questions the ethics of its protocols:

  1. 1. That people can be falsely accused of click fraud

  2. 2. That such accusations entitle GoDaddy to seize all monies earned, whether associated with the alleged click fraud or unrelated, and, most importantly ...

  3. 3. That the accused are denied the right to defend their innocence.

This is surely unethical behavior by any corporate standard.

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