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How GoDaddy Suspended my Cash Parking Account


Godaddy V Father Dave Round 2

Round 2

After receiving the notice, terminating my account, I immediately replied, assuming that it was a misunderstanding and could be cleared up. I even included a high-powered 'sig file' at the end, such as would guarantee that I was taken seriously (but I wasn't).

From: "Rev. David B. Smith"
Date: Mon, November 26, 2007 5:09 pm

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am very suprised to read of this decision and, while I accept that you must be picking up fraudulent activity in the cash-parking accounts, I certainly disavow any involvement in the fraudulent activity.

Indeed, it seems that I am being held responsible for this activity, as I am being finacially penalised. Can I ask what evidence you have to link me to this alleged fraudulent activity?

It is hard to escape the conclusion that this is an allegation that is a slur on my good name. I would therefore appreciate your cooperation in getting to the root of the problem.


Rev. David B. Smith

Rev. David B. Smith, B.A. (Hons), B.Th., Dip.A.
Registered Professional Boxer, 6th Degree Black Belt
Acting Rector, Holy Trinity Dulwich Hill
Managing Director, Fighting Fathers Ministries Pty. Ltd.
President, Australian Federation of Pankration Athlima
Nominated 'Ausralian of the Year' 2005 ============================================================

Two days later I received this response

Sent: Wednesday, 28 November 2007 2:37 AM
To: Rev. David B. Smith

Dear Rev. David B. Smith,

After reviewing the October traffic for your Cash Parked domains, we found unnatural traffic patterns. Google, the provider of our ad service, brought this to our attention and decided they will not be making payment for your domains. As Google will not be providing funds for this service, we will not have payment to share with you. You may contact Google directly for more information about their decision by emailing Your Cash Parking service has been permanently suspended. This decision is final and not up for debate.

To prevent the Cash Parking service from renewing automatically, you will need to cancel the service. You may contact if you need assistance cancelling the Cash Parking service. This suspension only removes you from our Cash Parking service - you are still free to host, manage and sell your domains.

Regards, Cash Parking Team

Godaddy seems to be 'passing the buck' and blaming Google for the decision. Indeed, they were encouraging me to contact Google, but I couldn't see the point as the decision to suspend my account was Godaddy's and was apparently irrevocable, so what was the point?

I note that they did warn me that they would continue to charge me for Cash Parking unless I now undertook to seperately cancel this account. I tried to do this but couldn't get access to the account as it was suspended!

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